Every business needs a good idea,
but a great business needs to develop a connection with their customers. 


Sales strategy, business operations, brand development & revenue growth

Tell Your story

Share your "why".
We'll help you create a focused, consistent story and vision which is weaved into everything you do.

Find your Customer

We'll work with you to develop a strong sales and go-to-market strategy targeting the right segments, with the ability to scale at a pace where you can avoid spreading resources too thin.


Be efficient

It's never too soon to implement operational efficiencies in your business. Learn strategies to grow your company while operating at peak performance. 

What We Offer

True North offers a plethora of business services. If you are looking for something in addition to what is listed, we know people.  

Whatever you need, we can help. 

Business Development

Brand Strategy

Go-to-Market Planning

Account & Project Management

Sales Strategy

Market Segmentation

Business Operations

Speech Writing & Corporate Communications



Our past experience will guide your business to a better future.


It's an uphill battle. 

Growing a successful business is never easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. When you've seen everything from how the biggest company in the world operates, to helping build a start up from the ground up you learn a thing or two. In either scenario, there's a whole lot of trial and error before you find your sweet spot. Never get discouraged by the obstacles or challenges in your way. Some of the best things in life are the hardest to conquer.  

Walk before you run. 

Building a company is really exciting, but growing too quickly often means you have to make certain concessions. It is challenging to do everything you want at the same time, without sacrificing quality somewhere. Chase your dreams but always keep your feet on the ground. Your employees and your customers both deserve 100%. 

You can't please everyone. 

When you try to serve everyone, you often end up serving no one. This is an important lesson learned and one often overlooked in a good intentioned attempt to accommodate everyone. Find your niche, find your values, find your target market and focus.

 Oh, and of course, discover and follow your TRUE NORTH